There are basically two ways to visit Wadi Rum with a camel:
  1. Somebody will just lead the camel (usually a young boy).
  2. You will have a mounted guide with you.

While most people who arrive at the Rest-House in Wadi Rum village take the first option, we recommend to offer the second one to our guests. It's certainly a bit more expensive since the camel for the guide has to be taken into account, but in our experience there is no comparison in the enjoyment felt. With a mounted guide you can go faster, you therefore cover much more ground, and since the basic technique of camel riding is easily and quickly mastered, within an hour or so you will be guiding your own camel and feel much more independent. Your guide will only keep the leading rein. A camel is not like a horse. Although they look decidedly unfriendly, in fact this is deceptive, most people come quickly to appreciate their qualities. They make only a little noise that you will be able to experience the complete silence of the desert.

Times: We offer camel trips lasting from a few hours to ten days and also trips combined with either jeep riding or hiking - and with both. Not all of the itineraries are given here for the longer trips, but we can supply them at your request.

Dress: No special equipment or dress is necessary. You will need a shoulder bag or rucksack. For ladies we highly recommend to wear trousers! Any kind of shoes or sandals will be fine.

Routes: We can offer a number of routes for camel trekking and if there is anything that you particularly want to see or a place you wish to visit, please tell us and we will work it in.

The prices below take account of the mounted guide. If you prefer to have a guide on foot with you, the itinerary as well as the price will be altered so just let us know in advance.
A Short ride:
This ride of approx. 2 hours can also be done at the beginning or at the end of your trip. This option can be combined with other tours.
30 JD/person for 2-4 people
One full day:
This includes the guide, the camels and lunch. The tour ends at sunset, but if you wish we can "add in" a night in the desert (find the program here).
60 JD/person for 2-4 people
Two days/one night:
This includes the guide, the camels, the overnight in the desert camp and all meals (two lunches, one supper, one breakfast).
140 JD/person for 2-4 people
Three days/two nights:
This includes the guide, the camels, the two nights in our desert camp and all meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast).
190 JD/person for 2-4 people
You are looking for a tour which is combined with camels? Then take a look to our programs with camels for 2days and for 3 and more days.

If you are planning to come with more than 4 people please ask us for our prices by email or our contact page..